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re:build Global

An online gathering of village builders from all over the world sharing

what we have learned and what the land has taught us.


The second edition of re:build Global online gathering is an exciting opportunity to connect with a community of re:builders passionate about creating regenerative communities and villages worldwide.

It is an opportunity to learn how to design and build a more resilient and sustainable future for all.


With online accessibility, it can be expected that attendees from all over the world will be able to participate in the event, creating an inclusive and diverse platform to share ideas and progress.


  • A global community of people and organisations building regenerative villages.

  • Connecting to leading experts and other inspiring re:builders like yourself.

  • An engaging and fun gathering.

  • Network & socialize with better future-driven folks.

  • Access to a network of regenerative platforms, providers.

  • Panels & conversations on hot regen topics

  • Getting to analyze a series of  lite village masterplans.

  • Unconference where you can submit topics that interest you most.

  • Opportunity to pitch your village with your offers and needs.


The journey goes through four gates:

Tap into your very own mycelial network for all things regenerative.

Discover new projects. Learn from the experts. Connect with re:builders from across the world.

In 2021 we hosted our first GLOBAL gathering with over 100 recorded sessions and 700 participants. Since then we have hosted three regional gatherings in Portugal, Netherlands, and Costa Rica.


In 2023 we are ready to take things to the next level.

Our sessions will be longer, more interactive and project-orientated.


We will be showcasing some of the world's most pioneering regenerative entrepreneurs, investors, villages, and organisations. There will also be plenty of time to meet and mingle with other re:builders from across the world using a world class digital platform for online gatherings.

More information about sessions
& speakers coming soon!

We're ready to accept applications for  speakers for re:build Global 2023. You have the chance to rep your project/work/offering to hundreds of people in 10-15 minute slots during the Unconference.

Seasoned public speakers and thought leaders will have longer sessions.

We support our partners 

We really want to support the work of everyone in the regenerative space and help herald in the movement for regenerative living spaces, villages, solar punk cities or whatever you have a vision to build that is in alignment with nature.


Win 1 - we’d love to offer you 22% of all ticket sales you help generate from your unique code!
Win 2 - we’d love to give you a 11% discount code to offer your network.
Win 3 - we’re going to make it super easier for you to share and provide all the content for you to choose from!

And lots of other benefits too; take a look here in our partner deck that we lovingly made for you. It looks best on a laptop rather than a phone.


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