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Four Online Design Sprints for Imagining and 

Building a Regenerative Village 


As re:builders worldwide are re:thinking, re:framing and re:imagining our current reality, we invite you to get together to ideate and co-create. We want to imagine a village with you and provide you all the necessary tools to create a masterplan for your own project.

We will harness the power of the mastermind to design villages together in four design sprints taking your ideas from a dream into an action plan. 

Early bird tickets available for €200

*** Mastermind tix include access to re:build global online gathering April 14-16 (valued at €99)

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The future always starts with an idea (or a dream). Ideas that have solid foundations and documented plans can be shared and then brought to life. We want to help you build the foundation of your project, to ideate, to imagine, and  produce the necessary documents, from architectural designs to financial models and governance systems, to turn your ideas  into a reality.

We will walk you through the different steps of building a lite village masterplan and we will brainstorm together on building  an imagined village called regen·era, while crafting and ideating for your own project that you will have the chance to present to the hundreds of attendees of re:build.


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Masterplan 'Lite'

A Lite Masterplan is the foundation of designing a regenerative space. It is the starting point for looking at what is needed for a project to thrive, whether you are imagining something from scratch, an entire village, town, citadel, or even a network state, or just fine-tuning an existing project. We will share practical case studies and tools so you can further your design and develop a comprehensive plan that you will have the chance to present it to a larger audience. 



Our team of experts in design thinking, ecosystems design, masterplanning, and collaboration, with support from regenerative specialists with depths of knowledge within their fields, will guide you through a process to build our own for an imagined city (regen·era) using use some advanced projects and masterplans already created by our facilitators. The process and learnings can be applied to your own project.

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. Nico is a multidisciplinary storyweaver, a ritualist, a mageiro, a designer of experiences, an imagineer, and a futurista. Just like the philosophy of his own culinary adventure Cocina Sagrada, Nico is committed to squeezing the juice of life to the fullest extent of his ability.


Roxi works at the intersection of art, science, experience and technology to catalyse social and systemic change through inclusive, transdisciplinary collaborations for the regeneration of our planet and culture. Her path is grounded in a commitment to creating inspiring and embodied ways of learning together.

Partners in magic, Nico & Roxi are both Co-founders of habRitual and Design Science Studio which is a collaboration with the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

They are also the founders of the Regenerative Village La Tierra. We are inspiring our mastermind on the fine elaborated masterplans designed by them for La Tierra.


We will walk you through the masterplan journey over four design sprints focused on re:build’s main areas of design. Over the course of two month, and totalling four independent days, leading up to our worldwide re:build Global we will be developing the different parts of a masterplan.

  • A part of it will be educational and we will share different templates, ideas, and strategies.

  • The other part will be practical, in which we will be creating together an ideal village design for the imagined solarpunk city of regen·era.

In between design sprints, you will have time to apply all the knowledge and design templates to your own project and work on a format that can be presented during re:build, where hundreds of attendees will be able to learn about your project and vote on the outcomes. The best ones will receive recognition and awards. 

By collaborating with other re:builders you’ll be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking that you can then incorporate  into your own project. 


The journey goes through four gates:



The re:build MASTERMIND is a series of 4 design sprints on the following dates: 

​March 18: PURPOSE

March 19: PLANET

***These sprints go live from 8am to 12pm PDT / 3pm to 7pm WET


April 2: PEOPLE

***These sprints go live from 8am to 12pm PDT / 4pm to 8pm WET


Final presentations will happen during our worldwide re:build global online gathering on 14-16 APRIL



What is the time commitment?

Each of the design sprints of the four categories (Purpose, People, Planet, Prosperity) will have a duration of 4 hours in which participants will learn and co-create live. 

The recordings and the templates used in the sprints  will be sent right after to all paying attendees so that the participants to continue working on the development of their projects in between sprints. 
The amount of time dedicated to their individual projects is up to each participant. The
re will be 3 additional weeks after the last sprint to fine-tune designs into a cohesive narrative and prepare their pitches to be presented at the official re:build event. 

Each project will have about 15 minutes in total to present to other re:build participants during the main event. 

Whether you decide to join all the sprints and work on your project or just watch the recordings and learn some very useful and advanced techniques, the amount of time to commit is up to you and most of the materials will be available to you indefinitely. 

10% of the ticket sales revenues will be awarded to the best Masterplan Lites, based on participants voting during the last day of the conference.

Do I need to attend all design sprints? Will the sessions be recorded?

We encourage you to attend all of the sprints, as the value of collaboration is maximized when done live capturing the power of the collective mind. However, if you can’t attend one sprint then it will be recorded for you to revisit and you will have access to the templates proposed in an asynchronous way so you can work on them and brainstorm with your team at any time.

Can I have access to the templates if I can’t attend?

You will have access to all the templates so that you can flesh out your own project using them, as well as make copies and craft them to your own individual needs.

What level of knowledge do I need or at which stage does my project need to be?

Although the mastermind is designed for both beginners and those who are more advanced in their project, it is a lite version. This means that if you are just starting, this will give you a comprehensive and incredibly insightful experience and the practical exercises will allow you to brainstorm, understand and ideate what you need to approach the creation of your village project. If you are more advanced in your project, you already have land you are operating or you are in the middle of creating your own masterplan, this mastermind will offer you a lot of techniques, templates, and ideas, as well as provide a safe space for co-creation and ideation with others that will allow you to go deeper into your process. 

In order to create a proper and in-depth masterplan that includes advanced architectural plans, financial models, and other materials you will need to go beyond what is offered here and likely incorporate into your project additional support from other professionals to complete some of these tasks in detail.

Do I need previous experience?

No, although some basic understanding of real estate, community development, architecture, or project development is advised, most ideas and concepts are basic enough for anyone to understand and follow the guidelines. We will present the design sprints in a fun and collaborative way so we can all learn and make the best of it. We aim at designing this to be useful for both people who are deep into the process as well as those of you who are just starting this journey. Obviously, different levels of experience will provide different experiences and usefulness of materials, but we think that regardless of where you are it will be a meaningful experience and an important part of the journey of your project.

What is the value of the mastermind?

Designing an in-depth masterplan like the one we will be using as our role model can cost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can also do a pitch deck with nice images drawn from google and some powerful ideas. This mastermind lies right in between. We aim at teaching you how to design a more advanced masterplan proposal, with as much depth as we can get in just four sessions. The ideas behind what we will teach are worth thousands of dollars and they took thousands of hours to learn; these we will summarize for you. Same with some of the templates and approaches we will offer. How much more you invest in how to develop what’s within them and in how much detail will make the difference but we believe we are offering our re:build community something incredibly valuable that can make your projects stand and be the foundation of what you need in order to get your project to its next phase. 

Can all projects pitch their village ideas during re:build? 

Yes, all projects will have a chance to pitch their project on the last day of the Global Summit (16th April) to all participants who choose to watch the pitches. You’ll have about 15 minutes for your pitch and we will have several pitching breakout rooms. All participants will have access to a summary of the projects and all information you want to share in advance and even though we will give you precise guidelines of how we think you should use that time to present your project, you will be the owner of your time and how to use it. 

What are the rewards?

10% of ticket sales of re:build Global go towards the top winning projects. 5% to the winner and 2.5% to the two runner ups. If 1000 people join the Summit then we may have between $6,000 and $8,000 in prize money depending on how many early bird tickets are sold versus full-price tickets.


You will need a laptop/computer with decent access to the internet so that you can zoom call and use a Miro board for designing your masterplan. Your computer will need to have a functioning camera, microphone and speaker to participate in all the activities.

Can somebody do it with me? Can my team join or watch the requirements?

If you’d like a team member to join you, then please get in touch and we can offer a discount for multiple team members to join you in designing your masterplan at

Does this include my ticket to re:build?

Yes! What a bargain! This MasterMind also includes a 3 day pass to re:build and a year’s membership! Granting you access to all recorded talks in the re:build library from all past events.

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