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  • re:builder

    Every month
    Your membership gives you access to re:builders hub.
    • Support us to be cross-pollinators
    • Get access to the re:build community
    • Early access and discount to events
    • Access to some of our past content
  • village builder

    Every month
    You are a village builder and we support your dreams!
    • Support us to create a network of villages
    • Access to full library of recorded events
    • Access to the re:build community groups
    • Discounts for masterminds for village creators
    • List your village in the network
    • Guidance to host a regional re:build
  • village incubator

    Every month
    Get the re:build team to assist with your village endeavors
    • By supporting us, we support you!
    • Access to full library
    • Private calls with re:build founders to assist you
    • Connection to relevant mentors & networks
    • Help with boosting your village
    • Masterplan review
    • Access to re:build mastermind material
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